Samurai Burger


1 Piece               Egg 

2 Pieces             Burger Bun

2 Pieces             Patty

Some                 French Fries

1 Piece               Tomato

1 Piece               Onion

Half Piece          Cucumber

Appropriate        Lettuce


1 Table Spoon     AjiDo (Original) Teriyaki Sauce

2 Tea Spoons      Sugar

Half Tea Spoon   Planta

Appropriate        Mayonnaise

How to Do

1. Ingredients preparation (cucumber, tomato, lettuce cut into slide).

2. Apply some planta and fry with burger bun and patty. Also, with french fries.

3. Fry  the egg and patty wrap by it.

4. Burger bun stacks with greens and patty.

5. Add few drop of AjiDo Original Teriyaki Sauce enhance the flavour to the max!

6. Ready to serve.

Video Tutorial

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