Oyakudon (亲子丼) 


25gm                        Kombu Tsuyu Sauce 

300ml                       Plain Water 

1 piece                     Egg

1 piece                     Lekio 

1/2 piece                  Yellow Onion 

1 bowl                      Rice 

Appropriate              Wakame

Appropriate              Chicken (Skinless & Boneless)

How to do it?

1. Ingredients preparation (chunked chicken, sliced lekio and yellow onion).

2. Rinse and cook the rice.

3. Boil Kombu Tsuyu Sauce (25gm) and plain water (300ml) into a juice.

4. Later, cook with chicken and lekio. 

5. Add with yellow onion and half-cooked egg.

6. Rice tops with cooked ingredients and apply with appropriate wakame.

7. Ready to serve.

Video Tutorial

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