Sautee Cabbage with Minced Chicken


200g                   White Cabbage 

50g                     Purple Cabbage 

1 Piece                Young Onion 

1 Piece                Kombu 

1/2 Piece             Onion 

Appropriate          Ginger 


1/2 Tsp                Corn Starch 

1 Tbsp                 Miso 

2 Tbsp                 Water 

3 Tbsp                 AjiDo Kombu Tsuyu 


 Appropriate         Salt 

How to Do

1. Side ingredients preparation (white & red cabbage cut into thick stripes and sliced kombu, ginger, young onion and spring onions). 

2. Marinate minced chicken with 1 tsp corn starch, 1/2 tbsp miso, 2 tbsp AjiDo Kombu Tsuyu and 2 tbsp water by stirring it equally. 

3. Stir fry young onion, later cook cabbages with appropriate salt. 

4. Stir fry sliced ginger, later cook minced chicken with 1/2 tbsp miso and 1 tbsp AjiDo Kombu Tsuyu. Add kombu too. 

5. Pour minced chicken at the top of cabbages and sprinkle with some spring onion. 

6. Ready to serve.  

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