Stuffed Lotus Root with Teriyaki Sauce


 4 Slices               Lotus Root (0.5cm) 

200g                     Shrimp Meat 

1 Piece                 Spring Onion 

1 Piece                 Egg 

Appropriate           White Sesame 

Appropriate           Corn Starch 

Seasoning for Prawn Paste

Appropriate            Salt 

Appropriate            Sugar 

1 Tbsp                   Potato Starch 


3 Tbsp                    AjiDo (Bonito) Teriyaki Sauce 

1 Tbsp                    Chinese Wine 

2 Tbsp                    Water

How to Do

1. Side ingredient preparation (shredded spring onion, sliced lotus root and minced prawn). 

2. Seasoning the minced prawn with appropriate salt, sugar and 1 tbsp of potato starch. 

3. Lotus root stuffs with minced prawn. 

4. Apply a layer of egg liquid and corn starch, then fry the stuffed lotus root until turn to golden yellow colour. 

5. Cook the stuffed lotus root with 3 tbsp AjiDo (Bonito) Teriyaki Sauce, 1 tbsp Chinese Wine and 2 tbsp of water. 

6. Sprinkle some sesame and spring onion. 

7. Ready to serve. 

Video Tutorial

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