Sautee Salmon with Garlic Teriyaki


250g               Salmon 

1 Piece           Potato 

3 Pieces         Shiitake Mushroom 

5 Pieces         Garlic 

1 Piece           Spring Onion 


2 Tbsp             AjiDo (Bonito) Teriyaki Sauce 

Appropriate     Black Pepper 

Appropriate     Salt 

Appropriate     Potato Starch 

Appropriate     Plain Water

How to Do

1. Ingredients preparation ( diced salmon, cubed red & green bell peppers, potato, sliced garlic).

2. Marinate the salmon with appropriate black pepper, salt and 2 tbsp of potato starch. 

3. Use warm water to rinse the sliced garlic. 

4. Fry the potato until turn in golden brown colour. 

5. Fry the salmon, later add with mushroom and garlic. 

6. Stir fry bell peppers with  appropriate water. Add on others ingredients and 1/2 portion of garlic. 

7. Stew around 1 minutes with 2 tbsp Ajido (Original) Teriyaki Sauce. 

8. Apply garlic and spring onion on top. 

9. Ready to serve. 

Video Tutorial

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