Teriyaki Cola Chicken Wing


10 Pieces           Chicken Mid-Joint 

1 Tin                  Coca-Cola 

1 Piece              Young Onion        

Appropriate        Ginger 

Appropriate        Black & White Sesame 

Appropriate        Chinese Wine 

1 Tbsp                AjiDo Teriyaki Sauce (Original) 

1/2 Tbsp             AjiDo Japanese Soy Sauce

How to Do

1. Side ingredients preparation (sliced ginger and young onion). 

2. Coca-Cola cook with chicken wings, ginger and young onion. 

3. Pour 1 tbsp AjiDo (Original) Teriyaki Sauce and 1/2  tbsp AjiDo Japanese Soy Sauce. 

4. Stew for 5 minutes with appropriate Chinese Wine. 

5. Top with sesame to enhance the flavour. 

6. Ready to serve. 

Video Tutorial

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