Cucur Sayur Bayam


1 Piece                         Radish

500gm                          Spinach 

5gm                             Baking Soda

250gm                         Corn Starch

500gm                         Wheat Flour

100ml                          Plain Water        

Appropriate                  Salt

3 Tbsp                         AjiDo Kombu Tsuyu

How to Do

1. Cut the spinach into small slices and add a pinch of salt to blanch.

2. Stir the baking soda, corn starch, wheat flour and water together, turns into batter.

3. Pour spinach into the batter too.

4. Pan fry batter with low temperature.

5. Shave the radish into strips and dilute with 3 table spoons of  AjiDo Japanese Sauce as special dipping sauce for this cucur sayur bayam.

6. Ready to serve. 

Video Tutorial

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