Longevity Noodles Soup


3 tbsp                      AjiDo Kombu Tsuyu 

200ml                      Plain Water 

1 pack                     Longevity Noodles 

1 piece                    Egg

1 piece                    Tofu

Appropriate             Wakame

Appropriate             Spring Onion

How to do it?

1. Ingredients preparation (tofu cut into small pieces, shredded wakame  and green onion).  

2. Cook the longevity noodles, egg and tofu with a pot of boiling water.

3. Dilute  and cook Kumbu Tsuyu Sauce (3 table spoons) with plain water (200ml) as the seasoning for the soup.

4. Topping the noodles with side ingredients and hot soup.

5. Last step, add some spring onion to enhance the flavor.

6. Ready to serve. 

Video Tutorial

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