Teriyaki Crispy Pizza


20gm               AjiDo Original Teriyaki Sauce 

10gm               Plain Water 

1 piece            Pizza cover 

Appropriate     Toppings: hot pepper, cheese slice, mozzarella cheese

Appropriate     Minced chicken 

How to Do

1. Put some oil into the pan.

2. When the oil is hot, minced chicken stir fried with AjiDo Original Teriyaki Sauce (20gm) and plain water (10gm) for the ratio.

3. Warm the pizza dough by the pan around 30 seconds to 1 minute. (Can bake by oven too).

4. Apply Original Teriyaki Sauce in the surface of pizza dough and toppings with hot pepper, cheese slide and mozzarella cheese. (You can add-on/change toppings based on your preference).

5. Burn or bake (by oven) it equally.

6. Ready to eat.

Video Tutorial

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