Sautee Shitake with Teriyaki Sauce


5 Pieces             Shanghai Bok Choy 

8 Pieces             Shitake Mushroom

2 Pieces             Garlic


1 Table Spoon     AjiDo (Original) Teriyaki Sauce

2 Tea Spoons      Sugar

1/2 Tea Spoon     Planta

Appropriate          Salt

Appropriate          Starch

Appropriate         Chinese Wine

How to Do

1. Ingredients preparation ( mushroom top only , minced garlic).

2. Boiled water to cook the Shanghai Bok Choy. Add with 2 tea spoons of sugar to enhance crispiness. Then, put aside.

3. Stir fried minced garlic with appropriate salt later cook together with Shanghai Bok Choy.

4. Apply starch (for thickened purpose) with appropriate Chinese wine.

5. Shitake mushroom must fry with oil around 10 seconds.

6. Apply planta and stir fry minced garlic, follow with shitake  mushroom. AjiDo Original Teriyaki Sauce for the main seasoning.

7. Place Shanghai Bok Choy at bottom and shitake mushroom at top as dish deco.

8. Ready to serve.

Video Tutorial

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